Comic 591 - Peach Bacon

3rd Feb 2019, 12:00 PM
Peach Bacon
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Rachael_Selk 3rd Feb 2019, 12:00 PM edit delete
I know people who respond to the how are you question with 'Just peachy'. My co workers and I the other day had a run in with that and we just took it a step forward and evaluated if people said things based on a food they like or like their personality food. Mine is Bacon! :)
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SunnySideUpSmile 3rd Feb 2019, 2:34 PM edit delete reply
"We saved some for you, Mr. Frodo!"

If I was a food I would be cold cocoa
Rachael_Selk 3rd Feb 2019, 5:26 PM edit delete reply
I almost thought, soda isn’t food...but who am I kidding... soda is life! ;)
thing 1 27th Aug 2019, 3:56 PM edit delete reply
Frodo (stamping out campfire): "Put it out, you fool! Put it out!"
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