Comic 583 - Effected Disaster

16th Nov 2018, 12:00 PM
Effected Disaster
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Rachael_Selk 16th Nov 2018, 12:00 PM edit delete
Like I said yesterday, my room is in the basement... and it was the most effected room. My wall is only a foot away from the drain right on the other side. Every step I made in my room pushed over an inch of brown water out of the carpet. When the rotto rooter guys came they said since it was sewer water, if an item wasn't made of plastic or metal, everything needed to be tossed.

My bed, my chair, my blankets, my bookshelf, my comics, some sketchbooks...all was now trash.

I'll admit, since we've had other types of water problems in the basement, I had the good sense to keep most of my art in bins, off the carpet and safe from any water damage. But not all my art was in the bins. I had several sketchbooks that were in use for current projects. They are all gone now. I had two overstuffed boxes of comics... only the few in sleeves were saved. I lost over 2/3 of my collection. My bed and blankets are gone. My comfy chair I looked several weeks for the perfect one...gone.

I won't lie...I cried. I cried really hard at the thought of having to through away my life. I later felt bad for bursting into tears in front of the roto rooter guy...but I couldn't help it.

But looking back, now, I kind of feel refreshed. Sort of like a forced spring cleaning. After pushing a bunch of items out of my life, I sort of realized what I truly valued. The comics, though I love to re-read them, I actually don't need to replace. My bed...yes, I truly miss sleeping on a bed! (I'm still sleeping on the couch, construction takes forever!) But now I know the value of a good nights sleep on a bed! My art, the art I truly cared about is safe. But I also see that maybe it's no longer my art. I mean, I have completed canvases and drawings just sitting in a bin? That's not what art is for!

Ok... that's a long explanation and now I'm trailing... :P
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