Comic 285 - Moot Creation

20th Jul 2017, 12:00 PM
Moot Creation
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Rachael_Selk 20th Jul 2017, 12:00 PM edit delete
It was more a finding of the name rather then creating it, but it's still a fun link to creative works.

To be continued...
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The Doodler 20th Jul 2017, 12:03 PM edit delete reply
The Doodler
I don't think Ye Olde Professor of Philology made it up either, if it helps. :P
I think it's an archaic English word, if I remember right.
area5.1 21st Jul 2017, 12:46 AM edit delete reply
I think it shows more creativity and background knowledge to find something that you can collectively agree to.

Given the etymology, I'd say it was a well chosen name.
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